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Link Roundup, 8.18.10 - Yes, it's still August.

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We scour the intertubes for hockey blather so you don't have to. Some season previews (which are about as accurate as you can get without having seen a particular iteration of a given team actually, y'know, skate together), and other assorted stuff.


Former Bruins Assistant Craig Ramsay Hopes to Turn Thrashers Around - NHL - previews the Thrashers upcoming season. Includes the BWA Writers Consensus Top Moment from last season.


Bruins New Assistant Coach Doug Jarvis Brings Experience, Success to B's Bench - Boston Bruins -
Yea, the headline says it's about Doug Jarvis, but "Craig Ramsay" keeps popping up. I think they liked him in Boston.

The Hockey News 2010-11 NHL regular season predictions -
Season preview, Thrashers suck, blah blah blah....


East: Which playoff misses could turn into hits? - picks apart the also-rans from last season, and which teams could make this years' postseason. SPOILER ALERT! Just like tee ball, EVERYBODY has a chance!


30 in 30: Revamped Thrashers have look of an improved team -
Another season preview, this one from consigliere Rocky Bonanno.


LATE ADD: Hockey never sleeps and more things I learned this busy summer -
Darren Eliot with some salient thoughts on Brendan Shanahan, Ilya Kovalchuk & others. Am I the only one that wouldn't mind seeing Shanny as commissioner one day?

A look at what’s left of NHL free agency | Posted Sports | National Post
If you've never read Down Goes Brown, you owe it to yourself to check it out. A little Leafs-centric, but when you're writing hockey jokes, that can only be a plus. Now it seems DGB (AKA Sean McIndoe) has hit the big time, writing for the National Post. Please note the first comment under this particular entry. 


And finally - I was watching Ben Wright's video interview with new Thrashers netminder Chris Mason, and was siezed by a sudden urge to hide under my bed crying. Imagine this mug staring at you from behind a goalie cage:



Laser focus, people.