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Thrashers Prospect Camp Opens Today

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The Thrashers kick off their annual skill training and development camp at the Duluth Ice Forum. On-ice sessions are open to the public and frequently this is the only chance for Atlanta based fans to see these prospects with skates on their feet and a stick in their hand. Sadly, work will prevent me from attending today's session but I'll be there most days the rest of the week. Anyone who attends today please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Over at Blueland Blog, Ben Wright says that he tries not to look at numbers the first day but just watch and see how stands out. Personally, I'm the opposite--I am looking at some guys hard the first day or two and then I'm able to sit back and see who emerges from the crowd.

I'm most interested in seeing the new 2010 Draftees. This include the following:

  • Alexander Burmistrov
  • Ivan Telegin
  • Kendall McFaull
  • Julian Melchiori
  • Sebastien Owuya

I'm impressed that Owuya will be here from Sweden. Curious to see him and McFaull play. Burmistrov will likely be the star of this camp. I can't wait to see his skating and passing skills. Despite being just 18, my guess is that he will a step many of the older players in camp.

So other players I'll be watching:

  • Daultan Leveille--A big season for him in terms of taking a step forward. As he gets older and stronger will he distinguish himself more from competitors?
  • Nicklas Lasu--Since I don't travel to Sweden, this is a great chance to look in on another European prospect.
  • Will O'Neill--He had a break out year with Maine. I thought he looked good in last summer's camp. I'd like to watch him again.

Finally, we have the NHL Camp Preview--A few guys who will be here in the fall and competing for NHL roster spots. None of these has a spot locked up for the coming season, but all three have a legitimate shot at making the NHL in the near term.

  • Carl Klingberg--great mixture of physicality and skill
  • Akim Aliu--Another physical guy with some skill, new to the Thrashers organization. Obtained from Chicago.
  • Paul Postma--highly skilled defenseman, has he filled out more and can he handle the bumps that a D-man takes?