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I probably should have posted something here a long time ago, but I never thought I would spend so much time away from this blog. I know that many readers regularly come to this site for Thrashers news and analysis and I'm proud that you have come to rely on BWA for that information. So I do feel guilty about not posting for the last month, and I feel that I owe a bit of an explanation.

The day I returned home from the NHL Draft, I agreed to split up with my spouse of 12 years. It is an amicable separation, but it was unexpected at that time. I am embracing this change and looking forward to the third act of my life with great anticipation. But one consequence of this change is that my personal and professional absorbed every minute of my time over the last four weeks. Thankfully,  the other folks here at BWA were able to provide you with content in my absence.

My new life is beginning to take shape and I expect to have some time for writing again. I have a pile of interviews from Prospect Camp to transcribe and post and I'll write up my impressions of Camp (although I spent less time watching than in some previous years). So come back here in August for interviews that I conducted in early July. I'm really looking forward to watching the Thrashers this fall. It will be exciting to see what this lineup will look like on the ice. I hope that you'll keep checking back here as we get ready for another year of NHL hockey in Atlanta.