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A brief introduction.

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Moose's excited I've decided to show up here, too.
Moose's excited I've decided to show up here, too.

Hi, all!  The Falconer was nice enough to invite me on-board over here at BWA to contribute from time to time.  Some of you guys have probably bumped into me vis a vis the Thrashers' message boards, or the blogger days that the Thrash are nice enough to host for us from time to time.  You might have also caught my blog, Thrashing the Blues, or maybe you've caught a feature that I scribbled up for my friends over at  I also contribute a weekly(ish) column, Tuesdays With Hildy, over on St. Louis Game Time.  If you're wondering what I'm doing over there, I'm from St. Louis, and I've been a Blues (and hockey) fan since I was a little kid.  Living in Atlanta now, and having gone to Thrashers games since the first one, has made me a Thrash fan as well.

I hope to draw on my expertise on game day threads (read: participation in a billion of them) over here - maybe try to get a home and home thread going with Game Time if we play STL again this season - we spend one period at GT, one period here, and then everyone goes to their own blogs for the 3rd.  Perhaps attempt a home and home with Pension Plan Puppets just to see how we can keep up.  And, of course, if I have anything worthwhile to say I'll get it on up here, too.

Anywho, glad to be aboard - get ready for some *serious* live blogging on Bloggers' Day with the BWA Pressbox Invasion.