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Atlanta Thrashers Draft Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel

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With their 128th pick Thrashers took Pettersson-Wentzel.

He was ranked 76th by Red Line. They compare his style to Yann Danis. Late blooming goalie who came from nowhere.

[timmyf: I'm adding a few comments on him below.]

He was a big story in Sweden last season. He was the best goalie in the second-tier league in Sweden. His team, Almtuna, is a small team who had their best season ever. He was the biggest star on that team and he´s definitely Sweden's starting goalie in the World Junior Championships next season.

See this story from our friends at The Copper and Blue.

EliteProspects says:

A technically skilled butterfly-style goaltender. Has no major weaknesses and impressive hockey sense. Strong mentally and physically. Explosive.