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Atlanta Thrashers Draft Ivan Telegin

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In the 4th round Atlanta took OHL Saginaw Spirit Ivan Telegin

Red Line Report had him ranked 39.

"Big physical player who can score and plays hard in his own end."

They compare him to Kristian Huselius.

Telegin is from Russia and played all year in the OHL. Unlike Burmistrov, his English was very weak and he coudn't really answer any questions.

Just talked a guy from International Scouting Service who watched Telegin play a number of times. Says he has the frame to be a power forward type of player. He also said that Telegin was the sort of player who could play a number of different roles for the Thrashers. He will need time to fill out (a common theme with Atlanta's picks this year) but has a better chance of reaching the NHL than some guys taken in this round.

I spoke to Kyle and Rod at Red Line Report and they were both high on Telegin's potential. Kyle said going intolast season he thought that Telegin was more of a big crashing type of player, but he went on to put up impressive numbers and posted 26 goals. He scored with a hard shot that overwhelms.