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Alexander Burmistrov Transcript

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ATLANTA, 8th Pick
            Q.         First Russian taken in the draft; how does that feel?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: I'm so happy. I'm really happy. Unbelievable. I just wait when Atlanta picked. I wanted it.
            Q. How important is it to come out 8th here?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Oh, it's a great season. Great for me. Everything is very good.
            Q. Can you talk a little about your season? Can you describe the highs and the lows of your season?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Well, it's a very good season. We played so good in this season. He went in the regular season in the playoffs. First year we played so good. It was in the Finals. Just really sad, very sad. Same thing.

            Q. Who do you have to improve on after the draft?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Lot of shot, every time shooting, shooting the net. I think that's help me.
            Q. What do you think you need to work on to make it to the NHL?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Just some more shooting. Shooting and working for my weight, and same thing what I'm doing in Ontario, trying to do the same thing in the NHL.
            Q. What would you say one of your biggest strengths is, the best part of your game?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: I think my skills, my skating.
            Q. You knew that Atlanta was interested? Did you talk to them several time that's is that what you said?
            Q. What was your most memorable game or memorable goal of the season? Can you tell us what that was like?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: I know my goal is to win every game in this series, this conference. My memory's not goals, something like this.
            Q. (No microphone).
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: It's great season. Yeah, it's very, very good city, good team. They just helped me all the time. When I come I can't speak English. I know only a few words maybe. And my family helped me, and my team helped me all the time.
            So it's so good the season, and it's great here.
            Q. What do you know about the city of Atlanta or the Atlanta Thrashers?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Oh, I know Atlanta is hot. I know nickname Hotlanta, yes? I know this. My first game when I watched in the rink, I watched Toronto Maple Leafs against Atlanta.
            After the game I talked to Bryan Little, so it's a good team I know.
            Q. Are you from an athletic family? Did you have parents that played sports, or maybe siblings?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Oh, yeah. My dad played hockey, some professional. My brother played hockey too. And my mom was some dancing and this stuff. So a sports family.
            Q. Did you do anything different in Russia in terms of the training and preparation maybe that North American players don't do? Is there anything special about the Russian Development Program?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Not really. It's when I have done sometimes it's for working. So I don't have time for doing some Russian.
            Q. Outside of your family, is there any coach or player that you would point to as being a mentor or somebody that helped you develop your game?
            ALEXANDER BURMISTROV: Every team. Boy, all team. My teammates and the coaching staff really helped me, I think, and my family.