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Choose a Coach: (D) All of the Above?

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Who was your pick for coach? John Torchetti, assistant from the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks? Craig Ramsay, the defensively-minded supermind behind much of the success in Beantown? Don Level, who took the Thrashers AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves to the playoffs after their awful start this season?

Perhaps all of the above?

Craig Ramsay is in as the new head coach. John Torchetti will be an associate coach. Now some folks are claiming Don Lever is an assistant coach?

It might happen, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. As best as I can tell, the "source" of this is a tweet by Darren Pang:

@JSportsnet Woiuldnrt be surprised if Don Lever ends up there too?

That's not exactly a confirmed report. Or even a rumor. It's speculation. The problem is that ESPN Insider picked it up...

Meanwhile, another candidate for the job was Don Lever, coach of the Chicago Wolves which is the Thrashers' AHL affiliate. And Darren Pang tweets that he wouldn't be surprised if Lever ended up in Atlanta, too.

And then it hits the Thrashers message boards:

ESPN is also reporting that Craig Ramsay will be head coach, John Torchetti associate coach, and Don Lever as assistant coach!!! 

Which was later clarified as...

It's on the espn rumors section on the nhl page. It is just a rumor, but practically all of the rumors listed on are accurate and become official.

You guys can make up your own minds.