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We're Having a Party!

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And no, I don't mean the Thrashers Draft Party on Friday, June 25th. (I'll be at that one, actually, so feel free to say hi if you're there!)

You see, Bird Watchers Anonymous is part of SB Nation, and SB Nation is throwing us a party. Seriously. Not just BWA, but all the fans of all the blogs for Atlanta-based teams. Why?

Because SB Nation Atlanta is coming very soon. To celebrate, Atlanta sports fans are welcome to come out to Taco Mac at the Prado next Thursday (June 24th) from 5pm-8pm for fun, sports talk, and FREE ALCOHOL.


So if you like sports and you want to hang out with some cool folks and enjoy some free drinks (courtesy Crown Royal Black), get yourself to the Prado next week. I'll be there for sure (and will probably stay late to check out The Fred.) Hope to see you there!