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Pettersson Excited about Signing with Thrashers

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Hockey Express conducted an interview with Fredrik Pettersson about signing with a NHL team. Below is a rough google translator version, if you're fluent in Swedish you can just click on this and read the original article.

Barely one days earlier, he signed the contract, a few hours earlier, the team mate were told that Frederick the end of summer begins to play hockey in North America.
- To play in the NHL has been one of my goals, "he says. I always wanted to get there.
But it was not obvious that the dream would come true this year. Only when the contract proposal was for a signature of Frederick Sunday knew that it would really be a move across the Atlantic.
- There has been some talk after the World Cup, but you can not be sure that it is anything until you have a contract proposal in hand, "he says.
Who did you tell first?
- The family and my best friends in and outside the team, is responsible Frederick. Kent Norberg, Frölunda's general manager, has had an eye all the time because my agent and I drove with open cards the whole way.

Among the worst

Atlanta Trashers is one of the NHL's worst teams.  Have just gone to the playoffs once in the 2000s (0-4 in matches against the New York Rangers in the first round in 2007).
Why was it Atlanta?
- Atlanta has always been the first election, interest already existed before the World Cup, "says Frederick. They are building up an interesting team, and when I got the offer was not much hesitation on.
You have signed a two-year contract. How certain are you to take a seat?
- I think I have a good chance, but sure, I can not be. However, I intend to train hard, both with Frölunda and on their own, to get prepared for awesome.
"Two-Way Contract"

Pettersson has signed a so-called two-way contract, meaning he could end up with the Farm Team in the AHL if he fails to take a place in the NHL.
And then there is a considerable difference in salary.
If he plays in Atlanta throughout the year he earns $ 900 000 (7.3 million). For each match in the AHL reduce the sum.
A season in the AHL gives 65 000 dollars (just over half a million dollars). For each match in the NHL is increasing the price.
In addition, a signing bonus of 180 $ 000 (almost one and a half million dollars) which is already finished.
If Frederick establish themselves in the NHL, he becomes a rich man.
Mixed feelings

- Since it is not obvious that I take a spot in the NHL, I have not thought much about how much money I can earn, but it is clear that the chance to make money is a part of this.
But it is with mixed feelings Fredrik Pettersson Frölunda leave for the NHL.
- It has been my club since I was three years. Apart from the two years since I played junior hockey in Calgary, I only played for Frölunda.
Hope to come back

- Case three years in Sweden's best hockey arena, with fans who support both in-and with adversity, I will always have with me. And I really hope I can come back sometime in the future.
That you and Mathis Olimb disappears, causing difficulties for Frölunda.
- Yes, and it's sad, "he says. But we have something really good for next season, even if not we are having.