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Thrashers Sign O'Dell, Morin, Klingberg, Paquette, Pasquele and Carrozzi

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Atlanta Thrashers have been busy getting their prospects under contract  over the last few weeks. The Klingberg signing was the most surprising since I thought he had another year left on his SEL contract, but perhaps he has an out clause.

Recent signing show the depth of prospects in the Thrashers system right now. Morin and O'Dell were offensive line players for their junior clubs, while Klingberg and Paquette provided toughness and physicality. The two goalies both had stand out seasons stopping pucks. Some of these prospects will fail to become NHL players, of course, but the farm system has some intriguing players.

The Thrashers were under the gun to sign some of these guys drafted in 2009 such as Carrozzi and O'Dell or they would have been eligible to re-enter the 2010 draft as 20 year old players. Pasquale, Morin and Klingberg were all signed one year before the deadline which means they could legally play in the NHL this fall if they impress at fall camp. Morin is more likely to go back to the OHL for another year, but Klingberg is a real threat to win a NHL roster spot this fall.

As far as the coaching search goes, Ben Wright made reference to an Aarom Portzline post about it. In case you didn't read the actual quote it is pretty emphatic that Torchetti will be the next Thrashers coach.

Word around the NHL is that Chicaco associate coach John Torchetti is a shoo-in for the Atlanta Thrashers coaching vacancy. A source told The Dispatch on Friday that it's pretty much a done deal. Torchetti is very good friends with Thrashers GM Rick Dudley, following him to two previous NHL stops.