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NHL in Atlanta:18 seasons No Playoff Series Won

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The NHL season has a few games left, but there are a couple of tables we can update already. The Thrashers will miss the post-season for the 9th time in 10 opportunities. This means the Thrashers will extend to 10 seasons their streak with no playoff wins.

By missing the post-season the Thrashers cannot possibly win a playoff series. No NHL team has ever won a playoff series in Atlanta--never, ever--really! Combining the Thrashers (10) and Flames (8) that pushes the record for NHL playoff futility to a mind boggling 18 seasons in this market. Consider this fact for a moment, if the Atlanta playoff drought was a person, it would already have a driver's license and be old enough to vote in elections and is just three years shy of being able to drink legally. Those 18 seasons represent a lost generation of fans--an entire age cohort with literally nothing to cheer for in the post-season.

Three current NHL markets have never witnessed a playoff series victory--Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville and Columbus. Two of those markets qualified and could earn their first series victory this spring.

Longest drought without a NHL playoff win

  1. 12 seasons Florida Panthers
  2. 10 seasons Atlanta Thrashers
  3. 9 seasons Columbus Blue Jackets
  4. 6* seasons LA Kings (qualified for post-season this year)
  5. 6* seasons Phoenix Coyotes (qualified for post-season this year)
  6. 5 seasons Toronto Maple Leafs
  7. 4 season Edmonton Oilers
  8. 3 seasons St. Louis Blues
  9. 3 seasons New York Islanders
  10. 3 seasons Tampa Bay Lightning

Longest drought without a NHL series win by market:

  1. 18 seasons (Thrashers + Flames)
  2. 16 seasons NY Islanders
  3. 13 Florida Panthers
  4. 12* Phoenix Coyotes (could end this post-season)
  5. 10* Nashville Predators (could end this post-season)
  6. 9 Columbus Blue Jackets
  7. 7 St. Louis Blues
  8. 7* LA Kings (could end this post-season)
  9. 6 Minnesota
  10. 5 Toronto, Calgary, Tampa Bay