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Should the Thrashers Claim Caron?

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The Flyers have signed former NHLer Sebastien Caron as their 7th goaltender this season. Before he can play Caron must clear waivers--and the Thrashers could put in a waiver claim. Should they claim Caron and prevent him from bailing out a desperate Flyers team? (hat tip to John Mannaso for alert on Caron signing)

If they have any shot left at making the post season, the Flyers total collapse is probably their best scenario. The downside is that you have to pay Caron and will tick off the Flyers GM forever--then again this isn't a popularity contest and the Thrashers are already paying Kozlov $3.7 million not to dress.

It seems to me that this is a test of what the Thrashers management REALLY thinks about their playoff chances. If you think you still have a shot, you MUST deny the Flyers help.