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Waddell to President, Dudley is GM, Coaches Gone

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Initial reports from Chris Vivlamore are here.

As you probably heard here a few days ago, there were rumors that (now former-)General Manager Don Waddell would be moved into a role as "Team President" and replaced by Rick Dudley, at the time the Associate GM. We'd also been hearing that John Anderson may not return as head coach. EDIT: To read team press release with quotes, click here. Also Puck Daddy has a nice wrap up.

It looks like those things have happened. But not only is John Anderson out, the entire coaching staff is gone: Steve Weeks, Todd Nelson, Randy Cunneyworth.

I'm somewhat shocked by this, as I considered Cunney to be a contender for the next coaching gig here. That may still be the case, but for the moment, it looks like everybody is out.

More soon, probably including a radio show this evening...