HelmetHair Signs Atlanta Thrashers Defenseman Ron Hainsey

For Immediate Release: April 1, 2010

ATLANTA, Ga.—When HelmetHair hair care products hit shelves this June, they will be defended by NHL star Ron Hainsey, a defenseman for the Atlanta Thrashers. The hockey player has signed on to promote the new HelmetHair line of products, which are specially designed for athletes.

HelmetHair is the latest brainchild of Sutter Labs CEO Dan Sutter. HelmetHair shampoo and conditioners are the first hair care products being released under the new label, and there are already plans underway to introduce HelmetHair styling products.

HelmetHair is designed for athletes who wear helmets on a regular basis. "Hockey players, cyclists, even rock climbers suffer from hair damaged by abrasive helmets," notes Sutter. "HelmetHair is designed to give extra protection to each strand of hair while leaving hair clean and shiny. It’s important to look good when that helmet comes off!"

Someone who understands the importance of looking good both on and off the ice is Hainsey, whose flowing tresses can be seen peeking out of his helmet. When the helmet comes off, it’s apparent that Hainsey’s hair is the real star. "We didn’t actually sign Ron Hainsey," laughs Sutter. "We signed Ron Hainsey’s hair!"

A new ad campaign will be launched in national magazines geared toward females who live active, athletic lifestyles. The campaign will feature the "Win a Lock of Ron Hainsey’s Hair" sweepstakes. One lucky winner will receive a lock of his silky brown hair, tucked into a 14-carat gold locket shaped like the HelmetHair shampoo bottle.

Hainsey will also promote HelmetHair locally through "Test and Touch" appearances throughout metro Atlanta, the home of Sutter Labs. Fans will have the opportunity to get free bottles of HelmetHair autographed by Hainsey, but the real draw will be the opportunity to run their fingers through his hair to see just how effective HelmetHair has been for the hockey star.

"More and more women are participating in sports that require helmets, and we think Ron’s participation will really attract them to HelmetHair," says Sutter. "Of course, Ron has so many female fans that we expect to have a lot of customers outside our target audience!"

Look for HelmetHair products on shelves this June in all major retail stores and select salons. More importantly, look for Ron Hainsey throughout Atlanta, proving why he trusts his legendary hair to HelmetHair. Are you ready to touch the tresses of greatness?


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