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Tuesday Morning Roundup

The Thrashers just lost two heart wrenching games this weekend. This post from Battle of Alberta makes some interesting points about "consistency" and what that word really means.The Battle of Alberta: On Consistency

This is what comes to mind when I'm driving the boy to school in the morning, and I hear the guy doing the morning sports update declare that the Flames put forth "no effort last night" in "another inconsistent performance" losing to whoever. You know, for a tubbo in a windowless room to claim that a pro hockey team didn't try -- that's 18-20 guys who are in the top one-thousandth of hockey players who have ever tried to succeed at it -- is self-evidently shameful, but that's beside today's points. One of which is simply that sometimes people have a bad game despite preparing well and wanting it really, really bad. (God help the poor Olympic athlete who has the wrong bad day.)

Battle of California does a break down breaking how teams can exploit the difference between the salary cap numbers and the actual salary paid to players in a given season (two parter)

Ducks Gameday -- Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Battle of California
A look at the contrasting contract structures of J.S. Giguere and Jason Blake, and how both Toronto and Anaheim saved money by making the trade -- at least according to each team's primary currency.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad -- Part 2 - Battle of California
How Edmonton and Anaheim both saved money in the Visnovsky-Whitney trade. Also, a look back at Anaheim's last five post-trade-deadline rosters. The last four had impressive finishes to the season; can this year's version do it again?

Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney has his team in a playoff position while spending the 2nd least out of the 30 teams in the NHL. He talks about managing a team that is owned by the NHL.

Chalk Talk with Don Maloney 2010 | Hip Shot Blog
Yesterday STHs got a chance to talk to Don Maloney, GM of the Phoenix Coyotes. How many hockey clubs do that I wonder? The Coyotes are fan friendly to the point

Thrashers GM Don Waddell talks to down at the GM Meetings.

Thrashers' Don Waddell 1-on-1: 'I enjoy the pressure' - - NHL Insider sat down with Don Waddell of the Atlanta Thrashers on Monday to discuss the GM meetings and the current state of his team.