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All the News That is Fit To Link

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Worth clicking just for the picture. The Incredible, Edible Egg the Thrashers Laid

OTF creates a MVP rating system and our very own Nik Antrpov finished 7th! The numbers say NHL MVP is Ovechkin's to lose - On the Forecheck

Looking back on the anniversary of the death of a fan in Columbus. Brittanie's legacy | The Columbus Dispatch

Scott Burnside writes most complimentary article ever about the Thrashers. Atlanta Thrashers now seem so far from playoffs - ESPN

This guy rates trade of Lehtonen for Vishnevskiy as one of the BEST of the year. The Hockey News: Edward Fraser's blog: Blog: The best and worst trades of 2009-10

Nashville and Columbus will both hit the 14,000 attendance target needed to get full portion of revenue sharing, probably worth $10 million. Nashville Predators close in on $10 million bonus for attendance | | The Tennessean

Eastern Playoff race in a down year for the Conference. In Eastern Playoff Chase, Only the Mediocre Survive -- NHL FanHouse

Damian Cox looks in on the post Kovalchuk Thrashers. The Spin And then he talks about the myth of players policing themselves in the old days. The Spin