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Thrashers Rebound Drawing Some Attention

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Several blogs and media outlets are taking a look at the East Playoff race and the Thrashers are getting talked about. It is very nice to be on the radar for a change. Usually nobody pays any attention to the Thrashers in the period between the NHL trade deadline and the NHL Draft.

Death Watch: Atlanta in playoff hunt; Flames, Rangers tumble - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Is there an ideal first round playoff opponent for NJ Devils? | - New Jersey Devils -

Scouting potential 1st round playoff opponents - PensBurgh

In Eastern Playoff Chase, Only the Mediocre Survive -- NHL FanHouse

Former beat writers John Mannaso had a nice write up of the home victory over the Thrashers. Check out that quote from Pronger. Flyers at Thrashers - 03/20/2010 - - Recap

SB Nation Devils blogger considers Kovalchuk's time in New Jersey. Ilya Kovalchuk After 15 Games as a Devil: An Analysis - In Lou We Trust

I assume that most of my readers already read Blueland Blog, but in case you missed it Ben has a nice roundup of the Thrashers prospects this year. Prospect Report | Blueland Blog: The Official Blog Of The Atlanta Thrashers

Thrashers prospect John Albert plays at Ohio State, they just fired their coach--I'm wondering if this might nudge him towards turning pro this summer? Ohio State Looking For a New Coach - Western College Hockey Blog

Last year the NY Ranges signed Del Zotto who immediately made the jump to the NHL. This article explains why this is less likely. College free agency dwindling in importance - The Globe and Mail

A great read about the human side of being traded and the uncertainty player's families face. Adversity part of the game for Lundmark family - Elliotte Friedman

Gabe Desjardins looks at the why the Colorado Avalanche might have over achieved early on. Colorado Avalanche: Worried Yet? - Behind The Net

Most "Over valued" Players in the NHL? One former Thrasher on the list. Puck Prospectus | Articles | The Overvalued

Interesting article about how certain basketball players are under-rated and turn into stars at mid major college programs. I'm not much of a basketball fan but I enjoyed this. Basketball Study Examines How Midmajors Get Stars -