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New Ways to Interact: Facebook

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We get pretty good traffic here at Bird Watchers Anonymous, but that doesn't show much in the comments. We've got a pretty dedicated crowd of regulars, but there's a lot of folks who just come to read the articles. If you want to chime in, you've got to sign up for an account here at (which I highly recommend you do...)

Still, we think that the more ways we give you to interact with us and with each other, the better. To this end, I've gone and done the unthinkable: I've created a BWA Facebook page.

You can get to it right here.

There are often things worth mentioning or posting that aren't quite enough for a story here - up until now, we've used Twitter for that, and will likely continue to do so, but Facebook will be another avenue for sharing information.

So what should you, our loyal readers, do? First, sign up for an account here and start commenting! Then go ahead and become a fan on Facebook and invite your friends.