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Blogger Day: Coyotes at Thrashers

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Hey folks!

Today is another one of the Atlanta Thrashers' fabulous BLOGGER DAYS. "Blogger Days" are days when the Thrashers give folks like myself sort-of-kind-of press access to the games! We get fancy paper temporary press passes and almost limitless access to the facility. They steer us clear of most of the players and coaches (with the exception of a couple - tonight we get Nicklas Bergfors) but let us partake in the free snacks and beverages!

I've only had the opportunity to go once before, so I'm looking forward to this evening. I'll try to come back here with extra information and tidbits as they happen.

It's much easier to comment than post here at BWA from my phone (which I'll be using a lot), so expect most of the stuff to show up in the comments.