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Bird Droppings: Thrashers News Roundup

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AHL: Kulda learning from the best in Chicago - - AHL Update
As Arturs Kulda refines his game with the Chicago of the AHL, he’s got a mentor alongside him on the blue line -- NHL veteran Chris Chelios.

The Hockey News: Justin Bourne's Blog: Justin Bourne's Blog: Tips on how to recover the morning after
The Hockey News has been providing the most comprehensive coverage of the world of hockey since 1947.

Thrashers Not Moving | Blueland Blog: The Official Blog Of The Atlanta Thrashers
I’ve checked out the Winnipeg rumor and Don Waddell has assured me that "there is absolutely nothing to it, and there is no forthcoming announcement or

The league's top-scoring blue lines (and where your team ranks) - From The Rink
Ever wonder which team's blue line chips in the most points? Check out this list to see the league leaders as we head into the Olympic break.