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Grade Recent Thrashers Transactions

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There has been a lot of discussion about the Atlanta Thrashers management and Don Waddell as GM. Personally, I think we have seen an uptick in the quality of decisions the last 2 seasons. On the other hand, the decisions made between 2005-2007 (Bobby Holik, Todd White, etc) were bad in my opinion. Since Waddell has been GM for the entire history of the Thrasher it is all part of his legacy--and the overall numbers are not very good.

However, looking over the moves of the last two seasons I generally approve of most of these decisions. To illustrate that point I've created a "Grade Your GM Worksheet" below. It lists off the trades, signings, re-signings and waiver claims since late 2007. There is column where you can enter your own grade of these moves. Enjoy.


Grade Your GM Worksheet
Month Year Grade Action Transaction
Feb 2010 Traded Lehtonen for Vishneski + 4th rounder
Feb 2010 Traded Kovalchuk + Salmela for Oduya Bergors and Cormier
Oct 2009 Extended Rich Peverley 2 seasons
Oct 2009 Claimed Schubert off re-entry waviers (1/2 price salary)
Sept 2009 Signed Afinogenov and Popovic
Sept 2009 Released Legace
Sept 2009 Traded McCarthy for Future Considerations
Jul 2009 Signed Stewart, Welch, Oystrick, Crabb, Krog, MacIntyre, Mannino
Jul 2009 Extended Slater and Throburn
Jul 2009 Signed Nik Antropov
Jul 2009 Traded Exelby and Stuart for Kubina and Stapleton
Jun 2009 Drafted E. Kane
Jun 2009 Extended Reasoner
Mar 2009 Traded Christensen for O'Dell
Mar 2009 Traded Salmela for Havelid and Stoesz
Feb 2009 Traded Schneider for 2nd (Morin) and 3rd round picks
Jan  2009 Traded J. Williams for Clay and 6th rounder
Jan  2009 Claimed Peverley off of waivers
Sept 2008 Traded Klee, Larsen + Paincahaud for Schneider
Sept 2008 Extended Enstrom 4 seasons
Jul 2008 Signed Reasoner, Williams, Hainsey (rejected by B. Campbell)
Jul 2008 Extended Hedberg and Boulton 2 years
Jul 2008 Signed Minor leaguers J. Lessard,  Hoffman, Crabb, Oystrick, Stevenson
Jun 2008 Signed John Anderson as Head Coach
Jun 2008 Drafted Z. Bogosian
Feb 2008 Traded Hossa + Dupuis for Armstrong, Christensen, Esposito and 1st (Leveille)
Dec 2007 Claimed Recchi from waivers