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Gameday: Thrashers at Bruins

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Okay, folks, it's time to shake of the blues and start worrying about the Number One Threat to America: BRUINS. The still-pretty-hot-lately (think Demi Moore) Thrashers are facing a stingy Boston team that boasts the NHL's best goaltender, Tim Thomas. Thankfully, the NHL's second best goaltender, Ondrej Pavelec, is on our side.

Last time the Thrashers met the Bruins, they came away with a 4-1 win. Can they do it again? Will Timmy Tom stand tall? Will the Thrashers be able to fight off the fatigue that plagued them in their 4-2 loss against St. Louis? Magnets - how do they work?

Important questions that should be answered.

36 GP 32
19 W 17
12 L 11
5 OT 4
43 P 38
0.597 P% 0.594
3.22 G/G 2.78
2.78 GA/G 2.03
21.8 PP% 17.9
80.3 PK% 86.4
30.9 S/G 32.6
33.9 SA/G 33.9
50.2 FO% 49.9

Sadly, I'll be doing some work this evening and will not be available for the chat, but you guys have fun.