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Thrashers/Blues Postgame: Falling Short

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It had to happen. The schedule waits for no man, and it finally caught up with the Thrashers. No legs, no jump. No jump, no drive to the net. No drive, no Thrashers hockey. Especially when your opponent scores a couple and then clogs up the middle.

Being that there was no TV, a limited postgame with some statistical call-outs:

- Tough night for Rich Peverley. Eight shots and one blocked shot. Lots of close calls for the Dispenser.

- Shots for: 39. Shots against: 27. Out-shoot your opponent by 12, lose by 2 goals. How does this keep happening?

As expected, the Capitals beat the Devils, 5-1. Back into fifth place.

Let's get some rest. There are Bruins to rassle.

Your Postgame with Rammer. Now, more than ever.