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Gameday: Thrashers at Islanders

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After last night's rather disappointing loss to the Colorado Avalanche, the Thrashers get the - and I'm going to be kind here - struggling Islanders as a rebound game. It looks like Mason will get his first start in quite awhile. Stats from show the Thrashers to be the superior team this year:

29 GP 26
15 W 5
11 L 16
3 OT 5
33 P 15
0.569 P% 0.288
3.07 G/G 2.12
2.83 GA/G 3.31
24.1 PP% 14.7
80.8 PK% 80.7
30.9 S/G 28.5
34.7 SA/G 29.8
50.5 FO% 51.0

The Islanders have had a rough time, seeing many key players go down due to injury, but let's be honest: they're just not a very good team. In just 26 games, the Islanders have already managed to go 11 games below 0.500. Ouch.

The game won't be on local TV, but MSG Plus 2 is televising it, so you should be able to get a feed through Center Ice, Gamecenter Live, or elsewhere. I won't personally be around to watch, as I've got a Christmas party to attend.