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Thrashers Blank Habs 3-0, That's Four & Counting

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Yes, Thrashers fans, that's four wins in a row. Not just wins, but clear-cut, make-a-statement, we-can-hang-with-anybody kind of wins.

I almost don't want to jinx it by talking about it.

But I will. Hit the jump for more.

Some particulars of note:

- Atlanta put 47 shots on net to Montreal's 25. In the second, the Thrashers fired 23 shots to the Habs' 4.

- I think the Thrashers may have found a goalie. Ondrej Pavelec has allowed just 4 goals in his last 5 starts, with a save percentage of .974 over that span.

- Atlanta has now beaten three of the league's top five teams. They also have a plus-2 Goal Differential, which is a pretty good predictor of post-season eligibility.

- As mad as it makes me, I may have to agree with Flyers' captain Mike Richards (it gives me a sick feeling, right in the pit of my stomach). It seems P.K. Subban has a tendency to run his mouth, and then run and hide:

Then, during postgame comments:

MTL Gazette Reporter: "It seemed like Bogosian invited you, and you didn't want to go..."

Subban: "We had the power play, we're down by three, there's still eight minutes left on the clock or something, there's still time. But then when you keep insisting, 'I wanna go'... I was a little bit disappointed then, y'know, if you wanna go, then go, don't ring-around-the rosey. That's the way it goes, though."

Really, Subs? I bet Zach Bogosian was a little disappointed too, thinking something was actually going to happen when he asked you to go. You had a pretty good grip on Bogo's sleeve there, and for quite some time. Let's not go covering your inability to stand up for yourself with some high-minded talk about wanting to stay out of the box for the sake of the team. Your team was already emotionally jacked up, as evidenced by Tomas Plekanec and Maxim Lapierre trying to double-team Evander Kane. Guys were going to get a couple of minutes to think about what they'd done regardless of what happened between you and Bogosian - the right thing to do would've been to put your money where your mouth is, and shut up guys like Richards. Unfortunately, you chose the Avery Way, and Bogo called you on it. One piece of advice: in the era of streaming video and, it's pretty unwise to be placing the blame for your dancing on the other guy. You probably didn't know it, but the SportsSouth cameras were trained right on you and Zach as he was asking for the privilege, and you we're just ineffectually flopping your arms around. It seems the only thing your jawing last night accomplished has been proving Mike Richards right.


EDIT: I guess this a hot topic as both Laura @ TTB & Greg Wyshinski have picked it up.

- I'm not even going to acknowledge the disgraceful antics of Plekanec and Lapierre during the aforementioned scrum. Ridiculous.

- Next up, Boston Bruins on a Sunday matinee. The Thrashers are 1-9-2 against Boston over the last three years. Can the curse be broken?

Let's Go Thrashers.