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Thrashers Get Comeback Points, Face Blues Tonight

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The Thrashers have treated fans to two come-from-behind wins this week. Those point have pushed the team back up into the top 8 of the Eastern Conference. The team will probably need to win a point tonight in St. Louis to preserve their place in the top half.

A couple of interesting stats. The Thrashers have the 4th best team offense in the NHL (GFA)--scoring has not been the problem so far this season. On the other hand, team defense (GAA) ranks 29th out of 30 teams--a familiar ranking for Thrashers fans. They will have to tighten things up to stay in the playoff hunt. The Thrashers have the 3rd worst shot differential in the NHL. On special teams the PP has been red hot of late and ranks 7th in the NHL, while the PK ranks just 24th.