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Gameday: Atlanta Thrashers at Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Atlanta Thrashers Pittsburgh Penguins
Melon Arena
7:30 PM
TV: SportSouth, Radio: 680 the FAN
SBNation: Pensburgh, SBN Gamepage
TSN: Thrashers vs. Penguins
Ondrej Pavelec
Brent Johnson
(9-11-3, .903% 3.52) (4-3-0, .919% 2.49)

Holiday break is over. The winning resumes now.

For someone.

Yes, this is, in fact, a Gameday post. The holidays are winding down just in time for the Thrashers to... um... do whatever it is they are doing. Some notes.


Last Five 0-5-0
Special Teams PP 14.4% (30th) PK 84.2%(9th)

Chris Kunitz & Sergei Gonchar are out for the Pens tonight, and Pittsburgh's called up Luca Caputi from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. I actually saw the Baby Pens play over the holiday break, and all I can tell you about Caputi is some young guy behind me was getting increasingly drunk and saying/yelling "Lookit, I dunno why Luca Caputi ain't captain, dood. Caputi's friggin awesome, right? Caputi scores some friggin awesome goals, n'at. Luca Caputi needs to be captain." Ah, it's great to be home, n'at.

The Pens power play is circling the drain once again, but Justin M over at Pensburgh doesn't seem concerned. Yea, I wouldn't be worried about 3 for 17 over the last five losses. Chants of "Stan-ley Cup" will be ignored.


Last Five 0-3-2
Special Teams PP 20.8% (8th) PK 80.6% (17th)

Um... someone's gotta win this one, right?