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Bird Stories: News Around the Net

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I've been low on the number of stats related posts so far this season. Chris Vivlamore steps into the breach with a look at Thrashers 1st half stats. A look at the Thrashers' after half a season  |

UPDATE: Thrashers Recaps has a nice graphical presentation which breaks down the forwards and defense.

Bill Tiller asks about the Pavelec-Anderson relationship after a couple of two hooks. Has Anderson given Pavelec a vote of no-confidence? | Thrashers: Iceman

Only one Thrasher picked for the AHL All-Star Game: Brett Sterling. | The American Hockey League | Home

WJC Analysis: What's happened to the Slovaks and Czechs? The Hockey News: Ryan Kennedy's blog: THN at the World Junior Championship: Disappointing showing means rebuild time for Czechs, Slovaks

A cool look at the 2010 Olympic Teams by NHL salary. The Puck Report: 2010 Olympic Hockey Rosters By NHL Salary

Gabriel Desjardins with a look at the statistical leaders for the past decade. Goaltenders of the Decade: Playoffs - Behind The Net

Pavelec makes Czech Olympic Team. Healthy Elias adds solid weapon to Czech arsenal - - 2010 Winter Olympics

Kovalchuk and Afinogenov to Russian Olympic Team 2010 Russian Olympic Team - - 2010 Winter Olympics

Enstrom to Swedish Olympic Team. Johnny Oduya, Tobias Enstrom excited to represent Sweden in Olympics - - 2010 Winter Olympics