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Has Antropov been the best Thrashers forward?

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I was taking a look through some Thrashers stats trying to get an idea of what to write for the Anaheim game preview. Something jumped out at me: Nik Antropov has some really, really good stats. These are all for 5-on-5 hockey per 60 minutes:

  • Goals Forced: 4.15 (1st)
  • Shooting Percentage: 15.41 (1st)
  • Plus-Minus: 1.5 (1st, far ahead of 2nd place Pavel Kubina at 0.99)
  • 2nd Assists: 0.79 (2nd)
  • Points: 2.47 (3rd)
  • Goals: 0.88 (5th)
  • 1st Assists: 0.79 (6th)
  • Goals Allowed: 2.65 (6th)
In fact, shots are the only thing that the Thrashers seem to do poorly while Antropov is on the ice. The Thrashers get outshot badly when Antropov is skating, but that could have as much to do with his linemates as it does with Antropov himself.

I'm curious to see what BWA readers think. Last year, Colby Armstrong was really the even-strength darling of the Thrashers, but this season, I think it may be Nik Antropov. What do you guys think?