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What Might a Kovalchuk Trade Bring to Atlanta?

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Heading into this season, I remarked that if the Thrashers don't have Ilya Kovalchuk re-signed by New Year's Day then things are not going well. Well, it is now January 10th and both parties have admitted that they are not close to completing a deal. If the Thrashers are not already listening to trade offers they will be soon.

So I asked our fellow SB Nation writers what they would offer in exchange for Ilya Kovalchuk under his current contact. In other words, they receive the last few months of this current season and the right to talk to him and his agent before he hits unrestricted free agency on July 1st. What would they offer for that?

On Thursday I'll post the trade offers that have been sent my way, but if you want to get a taste for what fans of other NHL teams are thinking, several SB Nation writers have opened threads to take the temperature in their tribe. Click on the links below to see these discussions.

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