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Quick Thrashers News Linkage at the End of the Day

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Thrashers News

Kovy Loves Antro - What? Canadian media writing something *GASP!* positive about the Thrashers? Mike Zeisberger of the Calgary Sun explores the already-apperant chemistry between Ilya Kovalchuk, Nikolai Antropov, and Bryan Little.

And So It Begins... - Joe Haggerty offers a *ahem* trade scenario where Kovy goes to the Boston Bruins at the deadline for a prospect and a "veteran or two to make the salary cap numbers work". So... Zdeno Chara & Marc Savard in return, then?

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No Contracts Till After Camp - Craig Custance digs deep and finds the scoop from Don Waddell and other GMs auditioning vets in their camps.


NHL News

And Of Course, the BIG STORY - Wayne Gretzky is out as head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. Don Cherry will be in mourning for some time. Just because I have a platform, let me toss my opinion out there. Wayne was the Great One when it came to playing. But not coaching. It's a little bit of a stretch to say "Wayne deserved better" when the coaching record just wasn't there. I think Greg Wyshynski put it best today:

If you're a Gretzky fan, today is a great day. No one remembers Ted Williams as a s----y coach. Leave the bench, reclaim the legacy.

Poetic, really.