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All The News That's Fit To Link

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Are you falling asleep at your computer on yet another rainy day in Georgia? Well here are some Thrasher related items to read.

The first item is a really good piece written by someone who clearly watches Thrasher games. I love his satricial summary of the dismissive summaries most people are writing about the Thrashers because they're not actually paying any attention to the this team. Check it out.

Five Reasons the Thrashers Go Postseason | The Hockey Writers
Somebody will have to have the controversial, deviating opinion of this disrespected team. Brian Rudisel offers five things the media overlooks, and his best reasons that the Atlanta Thrashers will fly back into the playoffs.

The Southeast Division's Top Ten Goaltenders - Japers' Rink
A look at the top goaltenders in the Southeast Division.

Free agent Maxim Afinogenov could find new home with Atlanta Thrashers - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun Blog on

Thrashers enter season as more competitive team - 2009-2010 Season Preview
Thrashers GM Don Waddell made strides this offseason in improving the team, but is it enough to keep Ilya Kovalchuk around?

Can Mark Pop A Surprise? | Ice Man - A fan's perspective on the Atlanta Thrashers
As the Thrashers players took to the ice at the Duluth Ice forum Sunday, one player that I had my eye on was former Atlanta defenseman Mark Popovic. Recently,