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Looking for Women (who want to play hockey)

We here at the BWA, endorse the NHL's "Hockey is For Everyone" program. One of the barriers that sometimes divides people in the sports world is gender--the good news is that women's hockey in the USA is growing steadily. Here in Atlanta, the Lady Thrashers have taken the lead in promoting and encouraging women with an interest in playing hockey. Right now, the Lady Thrashers are getting ready to kick off their upcoming season, so if you have any interest please email them at: hockey at

This is open to women of all ages and all (or none) experience levels. If you have never played hockey before and wish to start--this is a place for you. If you're not a young person, but would like to start--this is a place for you. If you're a guy--sorry this is NOT a place for you--but you can be a "Friend of the Lady Thrashers" like I am :)

If you're on the fence, I know that in the past, the Lady Thrashers have let people attend on a trial basis. They even have some "loner equipment" that you can wear while you test our whether this "hockey thing" is for you. So give it some thought female hockey enthusiasts of Atlanta--this could be a chance to try something new.