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Thrashers Predators Prospects Game 2: Nashville Splits the Series

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The Thrashers were shut out so, I can't talk any glorious goals being scored. The Predators players did a good job of standing up the Thrashers forwards at the offensive blueline. In a real game, the Atlanta forwards should have chipped the puck past the D and pursued it. But if you are a young prospect looking to make an impression dumping the puck deep (even if it is the correct option) is probably hard to do.

The Thrashers did have a few quality chances. I think they hit three posts in the contest and there was one great save which I thought was a goal initially. The Predators gave the Thrashers numerous Power Plays and the Thrashers Paul Postma unloaded a number of good shots but Atlanta could not covert.

Riley Holzapfel took a stick to the face and left the ice with a towel pressed to his forehead in the 2nd period. He returned to the ice in the 3rd.

If you haven't already read it, Ben Wright has a nice summary at Blueland Blog as well.

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Falconer's Thoughts:

Positive Impressions: At Prospect Camp I was concerned with Ben Chariot's skating and quickness. He moved better in this game and showed some of that grit. He also made quite a few good decisions and outlet passes. Paul Postma continues to make one smooth tape-to-tape pass after another. Cody Sol continues to be a pleasant surprise--he is more than just a fighter who dresses at defense--he can play some hockey. Paquette had a nice shift where he hit someone and then screened the goalie which almost produced a goal. Kozek had a terrific chance off the cycle and hit the post. Holzapfel had the Thrashers only goal in the shootout.

Negative Impressions: Morin was out of position at RW side in the first period. Jeremy was too far from the wall and when the Thrashers attempted to clear up the boards it was an easy hold in for the opposition on several occasions. Forney was just invisible. I was hoping to see a bit more offensive flair from Eric O'Dell and Levko Koper today.