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Birdwatchers Anonymous Expands Writing Staff

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Since moving over to SB Nation in January of 2009 the number of regular readers at Bird Watchers Anonymous has continued to expand and grow. As traditional newspapers face the harsh reality of declining ad revenue and scarce resources, coverage of the Atlanta Thrashers is more likely to decline than to expand. My hope is that this site will fill some of that void in Atlanta Thrashers news, opinion and analysis.

It warms my heart that so many people read this site and I do my best to entertain, inform and provoke you. But realistically, I cannot do it all by myself--I need help. So this season I am pleased to announce the addition of three new writers: Aaron who has published his own blog Blueland Outsider; Timmyf who has published his thoughts at Thrashing About; and the mysteriously named Mr. Evil Milkshake who is a reader and poster on various Thrashers forums--he will be giving me some much needed editorial assistance and add his thoughts to the mix. Each one of these gentlemen will bringing their own unique perspective, passions and skills to this site in the coming season.

After two pretty rough NHL seasons in Atlanta, I am anticipating an exciting battle for a playoff spot in the 2009-2010. Each game will matter for more than draft position...yay! Therefore, we hope to have more game specific posts this year such as game previews, game threads and game recaps. With additional writers you will also get more than just one person's perspective on this site--we may even strongly disagree from time to time! So many things happen in a hockey game that two people can come away with very different impressions sometimes--and I hope by having more voices we can provide readers with a more complete picture.

This coming week we will have a lot of in-person coverage. The Monday Prospects game will be observed by two writers and the Tuesday Prospects game by two different people. Each of us will have the chance to discuss who impressed us and who didn't. On Wednesday we will roll out our official SB Nation Thrashers Season Preview as part of a countdown here at SB Nation Hockey (this will be aimed more at casual fans). Then on Thursday I will travel up to observe the pre-season Thrashers-Predators game in person. I hope to provide a live blog of key plays. Unfortunately, none of us can make the Tampa game on Friday, but we should have a pretty good amount of coverage the rest of the time.

So please welcome the new writers and check back frequently as our capacity to provide new content ramps up.

--The Falconer