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New Kid on the Bird

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Greetings Thrashers Fans.


The Falconer has asked me to introduce myself as he has invited me to give him a hand with the content here.


My name is Michael Buchmann, AKA EvilMilkshake or Shakes, and I'm a full-time Thrashers fan (yes, I consider it that much of a commitment) who's followed hockey for many years. I grew up in Cleveland, OH and have been a fan of the Red Wings since the early 90's, but since moving here, it's been all Thrashers. I played street hockey as a kid since there were no ice hockey leagues close to where I lived, but enjoyed every minute of it. If you're anything like me, you check this site daily, and I hope to bring some additional insight and content for your reading pleasure.


I believe in this team and think good things are in store for Atlanta in the near future and I look forward to helping here at BWA.