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NHLPA Fires Paul Kelly

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According to TSN, NHLPA head Paul Kelly was fired last night after a 10 hour meeting that lasted past 3 am in the morning. By my count the NHLPA is about to hire their 4th leaders since the lockout ended.

  • Paul Kelly fired in 2009.
  • Ted Saskin fired in 2007.
  • Bob Goodenow fired in 2005.

If this keeps up the NHLPA should ready to fire their next executive in 2011. Whomever, they hire should insist on strong severance language.

Of course, I'm not privy to the details of the internal workings of the NHLPA, but it seems to me that they have a flaw in their hiring process and in the expectations of their members. In the past, the NHLPA appeared to hire Ted Saskin because he was the 2nd in charge without conducting a full job search. With Paul Kelly they actually went out and looked for a labor lawyer, but it appears he didn't spend enough time with the players.

Personally, it seemed to me that Kelly was doing his job and I'm not sure I really understand why he was let go. I think they would be wise to do a full job search again and hire a competent labor attorney rather than just hire someone they are familiar with, but early rumblings are they will pick someone who sits on their advisory board.