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Thrashers Traverse City Roster Released, 2009 Picks Featured

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Hat tip to Brownov17 for posting this at HF Boards. Here's the list with invitees. As usual, college players who are returning can not participate since most schools begin in late August.

There will be a LOT of 18 year old guys getting their feet wet against other aspiring pros in Traverse City. 2009 Thrasher Draft picks include Bubnick, Kane, Koper, Morin, Chiarot, Sol and Pasquale. That's essentially all of the Thrashers recent draft class except for Klingberg (Sweden) and Jordan Samuels-Thomas (college).The Thrashers will get an early peek at how the new picks look in game action together.

A couple of slightly older junior players will join them in Eric O'Dell and Chris Carrozzi. Also participating are guys who turning pro and likely headed to the AHL for their first full season in the minors: Forney, Kozek, Postma.

As usual there are a number of invitees playing for Atlanta's squad. I suspect that several of the Thrashers invitees are being by eyed by Coach Pyle of the Gladiators. Pyle often targets college players these guys might be wearing purple up in Gwinnett soon: Galivan (Western Michigan, Khari (Rochester), Paquet (Clarkston) and Drew Paris who played a handful of games for the Glads last year. Tough guy Michael Liambas might also be a Glads candidate.