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NHL Reads: August Doldrums Edition

These are the dog days of August when NHL news is generally sparse. Here are some things I've been reading.

Pulling the Goalie

Have you ever wondered about the strategy of pulling the goalie out of the net when a team is behind at the end of a NHL game? Is is a good idea? When should you pull the goalie. Gabriel Desjardin looks at scoring with the goalie pulleded and discusses strategy.

Puck Prospectus | Articles | Behind The Net

How Much Do Rebounds Matter?

Desjardins follows that up with a quick look at how rebounds effect a goalie's save percentage, both at Even Strength and on the Power Play. Rebound shots within the 3 seconds after the initial save have a huge chance of becoming goals.

NHL Owners

Over at Sports Business Journal they took a long look at how the Boots Del Baggio scandal unfolded and why so many were fooled by him.

Buying into Boots
The words still perplex Craig Leipold. "I lied to you." A simple phrase that is as confusing to Leipold today as it was more than a year ago when

Jim Balsille Reconsidered

In general I think the Phoenix Coyotes situation has been the most over covered story of the summer. (A lot of heat and not much light so far.) I did find this article by The Forechecker interesting as he tries to lay out why some owners might resent Balsille's action and how he damaged another franchise.

Craig Leipold unloads on Balsillie and Rodier, alleges attempts to undermine the Nashville Predators - On the Forecheck

News Media

I have written numerous posts about the relationship between the emerging online media and traditional print newspapers. The NY Times has a long piece today about the situation in Philadelphia where the local papers are in bankruptcy court and the future is murky. The story does a good job of making the case that Philadelphia citizens NEED some professionals out their digging up corruption stories and keeping the politicians honest. If the print papers go away can internet journalism really fill that void? (A very valid question). I agree that Philadelphians are better off because of these reporters--the big question is whether consumers value the service they provide enough to pay for these sorts of stories--and how much are they willing to pay?

What’s a Big City Without a Newspaper? -
A former reporter from Philadelphia returns to the place that could end up being the first without a daily.

NHL New Media

Brandon Worley (who I got to know up at the 2009 NHL Draft Brandon Worley) put together a very good two piece round table about the future of sports media with people from three different perspectives. It is well worth reading if you're interested in this topic. I encouraged him to ask the question about "broad casting" versus "narrow casting" and much to my amusement the three participants each had a completely different response to the question--looks like their is no consensus on that issue yet.

Discussing Journalism and New Media with Mike Heika, Bob Sturm and Greg Wyshynski - Part Two - Defending Big D

In Part Two we discuss the issue of team access, the credibility of blogs and the new ways journalists can reach out to readers.

Central Division Humor

If you want some laughs head over to St. Louis Gametime, where they poke fun at division rival Chicago. Also read the comments, but be warned many of the jokes are tasteless and over the line (but I still laughed at many of them).

Top 11 Ways The Blackhawks' Summer Could Get Weirder - St. Louis Game Time
The Blackhawks' young star Patrick Kane was arrested for allegedly assaulting a cab driver. What else could go wrong for the Hawks this summer?

Atlanta Market

Blueland Blog already pointed out this AJC article about how man pro athletes love living in Atlanta and choose to live here. A few ex-Flames are mentioned but I'll toss out this teasers. One of the top offensive players in the Russian KHL who makes a very good salary chooses to spend his summers in Atlanta. He is able to enjoy the warm weather and go to the mall and restaurants with virtual anonymity. Only the small Russian expatriate community recognizes this star player.

Atlanta a favored spot for athletes to call home  |
Atlanta’s eclectic mix of high-end real estate, business opportunities, climate and a sizzling nightlife continues to be a magnet that attracts professional athletes.