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Readers: Hello and Thank You

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The number of new readers visiting this blog has been amazing. In the space of a week the previous record for pageloads was broken three times. So let me say thanks to all of the veteran and first time visitors. I don't write just to draw traffic (otherwise you'd see a lot more Paris Hilton or Jennifer Lopez name dropping) but it certainly makes writing more rewarding when you know there is an audience.

If you're a new reader--come in, sit down and make yourself at home. I would encourage you to take a minute and register so you can comment. Some people find the registration process a barrier, but it really cuts down on spam and insanity in the comment sections.

Also if you feel strongly about something don't be shy about writing your own Fan Post. You don't need my permission of anything. The most recent Fan Posts appear on the right hand side. It is way for you express longer opinions that might no logically fit in the comment area of a post. If you're got some big point to make--get it off your chest with a Fan Post.

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