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Post Schedule for This Week

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I'm headed off to the beach for a week with my extended family. But don't fear you will still get a daily dose of Thrasher news or commentary. I have 5 posts lined up and ready to go. But if there is breaking news (Kovalchuk re-signing for example) or someone posts a question in the comments I may not see it for 24 hours given the limited internet access and need to relax.

Monday: Levko Koper Training Camp Interview.

Tuesday: Will Ron Hainsey be significantly better with Pavel Kubina as his partner?

Wednesday: Jimmy Bubnick Training Camp interview.

Thursday: Thrashers 2008-2009 Goal Allowed Study. Reader Taste of Flames watches all 279 and gives his thoughts after this excruciating experience.

Friday: Top 25 Thrashers Prospects: I rank them now that I have seen everyone except Zubarev skate.