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Thrashers Schedule Released

I'll put some analysis of the schedule when I get back home tonight, but right now it seems to me that there are more long road trips than they had last year. The first month of October features a six road trip after the home opener. Much of the month of November is spent at Philips Arena. Then in  a 30 day span in December 5th to January 5th they play 13 and just 4 home games--that will be a rough patch I imagine.

The Thrashers usually sell more tickets in the spring after football season has wound down. Their schedule seems well suited to that this year as both October and December are heavy with road games leaving more home games from the spring. They will play 24 road games by 1-5-2010 leaving just 17 for the spring. On other hand, 18 home games before Jan 5th with 23 home dates in the rest of the spring.

Road trip possibilities include a Saturday game in Nashville (JAN-30), division rivals Tampa Bay (Sat MAR 6 Sat DEC 26), Carolina (Sat JAN 1-16, Sat MAR-27)