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Goalies Helmets and Photos from Prospect Camp

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I'm not very good about commenting on goalies. Of the three positions (F, D, G) it is the position I know least well. As penance for neglecting the netminders in camp I present today a short photo selection of goalie masks.

But before we get to that, I have this terribly grainy picture of some "friends" of Ed Pasquale. They all have a McDonald's theme. The one read "ED we deserve a break today" and another "Would you like fries with that 5 hole?"--ouch! Those are some tough friends!


Ed Pasquale's helmet is painted with the them of Jim Carrey's "The Mask" movie. Ed said that he likes movies and that his previous helmet with the Belleville Bulls had a Will Farrell theme with images from Talladega Nights on one side. The Eagle along the bottom is the mascot of this current OHL team the Saginaw Spirit. The Eagle and the Spirit were featured on several occasions in the Colbert Report's Sport Report (pronounced as "Spor Repor" becasue the 't's are silent just like the name of host Stephen "Colber".


(more pictures after the jump)


Chris Carrozzi's has a more reserved team theme. He plays for the St. Michael's Majors and their colors are name are featured on each side of the mask. The OHL hires someone to paint a mask for all the goalies in the league. And yes that is my hand--if this blogging thing doesn't work out maybe I can become a hand model :)



After the scrimmage the goalies got some extra work in.