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Prospect Camp Blogger Links

The Thrashers offered an opportunity to blogs who write about the team this last Saturday. As always it was nice to meet everyone. Here are stories that I have come out so far. I'm probably missing some here or here, please free to email me if I left someone off the list and I will update it.

One thing that motivated me to start my own blog was the lack of material to read about the team and the quality of coverage that did exist. I wanted more. Hopefully this new season will offer many more exciting games and some good material for bloggers.

Thrashing About · Catching up with Kane

The Thrashers 411: Chris Carrozzi: One Piece Of Our Bright Future

The Blueland Chronicle: The Blueland Chronicle Interviews Some Prospects

foocow: prospect camp 2009

Evander Kane And The "It" Factor | Ice Man - a fan's perspective on the Thrashers

Catching Up With Carl Klingberg and Ben Chiarot " Blueland Blog: The Official Blog Of The Atlanta Thrashers

Wazzupwitchu?: Guys, quick, put on a towel...

A Yankee Whistles in Dixie: Thoughts on Kubina Deal

blueland outsider: Prospect Interview: John Albert