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Scrimmage Description will be up Late Tonight

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UPDATE: I ended up playing 2 hockey games(4 hours) and then ate dinner with teammates, so I'm finally home and I'm working on the Scrimmage thing. I'll put it up before going to bed.


I know lots of readers are curious about the scrimmage. I took 3 pages of notes, but I have to run to my own rec hockey game now. I'll type it up when I return home so it will probably be posted at 2 am or so.

Quick reaction: Postma looked terrific, Morin showed off his great shot. Eric O'Dell had some sweet moves and Levko Koper looks more and more like a late round steal for the Thrashers. Kozek and Holzapfel had strong shifts...and that Evander Kane--he's not too bad either! Very entertaining game if you like offense.