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2009 Thrashers Prospect Camp Day Two

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Some quick hits from this morning. I made a point to try and watch Bubnick, Leveille, Koper and O'Dell during the forward drills. Koper stood out, he had several nice shots that found the back of the net. Leveille showed me some positive stuff. I had to really look for Bubnick. Riley Holzapfel whom I criticized yesterday showed more pizazz today.

During the defensemen drills Drew Paris stood out again--although he could be a bit more efficient with his skating--some wasted movement there. Postma was great in the skating and passing. It seemed to me that Paul too a long time to release his shot, but he did score 23 Goals last year so maybe he was just being very deliberate today. I was hoping to be wowed by Ben Chiarot, he was solid, appeared be leaning a bit too much on some drills.

Mountain Drill Rankings

At the end of the drills they used top watches to time each players time in the so called "mountain skate" (a player does a lap to each line on the ice starting with the near blueline and finished with a full rink lap to the far goal line). This is a very basic test of "effective speed" when fatigued--it measures a combination of speed and cardio ability. I don't have the times, but I do have the order of finish.

D Group 1: Winner: Zach Redmond

D Group 2: Winner: Drew Paris--he caught and passed Paul Postma on the final lap.

Goalie Group: Taylor Nelson

F Group 1: John Albert (seemed like a very fast time, Carl Klingberg 2nd place.

F Group 2: Doug Jones with Vinny Saponari and Nick Prockow very close behind.

F Group 3: Evander Kane (with Daulton Leveille and Spencer Machahek very hard on his heels).

F Grop 4: Kyle Reed who looked very quick, invitee Cody Chrichton 2nd.

At the end of one set of skate one four year old scout annouced "Number 50 is not that fast!" but at least he finished ahead of Danick Paquette who trailed badly in his group. Other last place finishers included Chariot, Jay Gilbert, Morin, Victor Saponari