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Is Anthony Stewart Headed to the Thrashers?

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No official word from the Thrashers organization, but I've heard some chatter that Atlanta was interested in him and now CapGeek lists him as signing with the Thrashers for just above the NHL minimum. If something more official comes out I'll do a full blown analysis post.

Off the top of my head, I'd say Stewart is a cautionary tale about the problems of projecting prospects. He was viewed as crash and bang power forward--but he never showed the necessary scoring touch at higher levels. Without the scoring that "crash and bang" guy is just a 4th line depth player.

This series of numbers is pretty scary looking. Where I come from we call that a trend. Ouch.

  • WHL (junior) Hockey Points per Game: 0.96
  • AHL Points per Game: 0.51
  • NHL Points per Game 0.11

On the plus side he's still just 24 so the developmental window isn't completely closed, but thinking he will be anything other than a checker is probably more "wish-casting" than forecasting at this point. I would also point that it is rather rare for a NHL team to walk away from a 24 year old 1st round pick--which is what Florida did.