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Breaking News: TSN says Kubina for Exelby & C. Stuart

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...awaiting details.

Toronto's 2nd best defenseman for the Thrashers 3rd pairing guy. I like it so far. Kubina makes $5 million which means less $ for a top six forward.


Thrashers 2009-2010 Defense

  1. Bogosian-Enstrom
  2. Hainsey-Kubina
  3. Valabik-Salmela

ummm, tasty respectable?

UPDATE: Colin Stuart heading to Toronto as part of the trade. I'm sorry to see Stuart depart. He brought speed and size to our checking line and was a solid PK guy. I was really hoping he would help improve our PK this coming season.

I know that a member of the Stuart family is a regular blog reader back in Minnesota so please pass along my best wishes. He should get a great opportunity to become a NHL regular heading into NHL camp this fall with Toronto.

A quick and dirty revision to the Thrashers salary chart, post-trade


1st Line Kovalchuk 6.4 White 2.4 Little 0.9
2nd Line Kane 1.0 + bonus $
Peverley 0.5 UFA ???
3rd Line Kozlov 3.7 Reasoner 1.2 Armstrong (2.2)
4th Line Boulton 0.6 Slater (0.8) Thorburn (0.6)
1st Defense Bogosian 1.0+ bonus $ Enstrom 3.8
2nd Defense Hainsey 4.5 Kubina 5.0 Lewis/Kulda 0.5
3rd Defense Valabik (0.9) Selmela 0.6 LaValle/Macheck 0.5
Goalies Lehtonen (4.0) Hedberg 1.1


Projected team cap number: $42.0 million

Projected team budget $46 million

Projected money available: ~$4.0 million

Could they get Antropov to sign for $4.0-4.5 million?

Does this open the door for prospects like Lewis and Kulda to compete for th 7th D slot and LaValle and Macheck for the 13th forward position?