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Surprise NHL Free Agents Result from Non-Tendered RFA Players

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Over at Hockeys Future Boards they are tracking the players that teams have allowed to become UFA by not extending them a qualifying offer. There are some surprising names. If you're the Thrashers you should be asking "Are any of these guys better than what we currently have on our roster?" The list so far:

  • Chris Thorburn
  • Marcel Goc
  • Tomas Plihal
  • Lukas Kaspar
  • Jeff Woywitka
  • Ole-Kristian Tollefson
  • Jiri Novotny
  • Steve Eminger
  • Dan Fritsche
  • Fredrick Sjostrom
  • Anthony Stewart
  • Petr Pohl, Wacey Rabbit (worth signing due to their awesome names.
  • Eric Christensen
  • Cody McCormick
  • Ramholt
  • Brendan Bell